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Mad Max Wez Custom DBC Kuma

A custom figure built on the vinyl Dead Beat City Kuma Bear. I was invited to take part in Clutter G...[more]

Who Goes There

This custom Space Cadet was built for RYCA's show held at DesignerCon 2022 in Anaheim CAThe Space Ca...[more]

The Legend of Czee Hollow - Custom Pumpkid

A custom built on Czee's Pumpkid vinyl figure for a show at Clutter Gallery NY.Pumpkid is a clearly ...[more]

Hey No Tongues - Custom Fribber

I've watched PJ Constable's unique and unselfconscious style evolve over a number of years. He consi...[more]

CupTean America

A custom large Lunartik In a Cup of Tea figure made for Flatties' 10th anniversary Tea Show at ToyCo...[more]

Army Ant - Custom O-Miku Figure

I was supplied with a blank vinyl O-Miku figure, manufactured by Crypton and Clutter. The shape of t...[more]

Phantasm - Custom Vinyl Figure

A haunted mirror-themed custom built using MJ Hsu's Ellie vinyl figure. I was invited to take part i...[more]

Canslinger Custom Canbot

One of a kind original mixed-media custom based on Czee13's Canbot platform. Commissioned for a show...[more]

Perchance to Dream - Custom Bubbles Figure

The vinyl Bubbles figure made by The Bots and UVD Toys is a nicely finished, cleanly cast render of ...[more]

I Love It When a T-Con Comes Together

The scene in the A-Team's feature-length pilot episode where George Peppard as Hannibal Smith wears ...[more]

Please Wait While I Jump Out of my Skin - Custom Figure

Sam Costidell (Angry Hedgehog Toys) produces beautifully finished pieces and his blank Boo figure is...[more]

Neptune's Ghost - Huck Gee Skullhead Custom

A custom Skullhead Blank for Clutter Gallery's Blank Show. The inspiration for Neptune's Ghost came ...[more]

Nukethulhu - a Custom HP Lovecraft-inspired Statue

Evan Morgan's Nuketopus resin kit is a fun piece - a slightly steampunk octopus. The tentacles immed...[more]

FeeJee Bogmaid - Reimagining PT Barnum's Mermaid With a Resin Boglin

Boglins were a late 80's toy that was clearly inspired by Gremlins and its immitator, Ghoulies. Thei...[more]

Twice the Magic - Conjoined Twin Unicorn Dunny

KidRobot's Dunny is a truly iconic and instantly recognisable vinyl toy. It was an honour to be invi...[more]

Don't Call Me Donkey

A large custom piece created for a show at New York's Clutter Gallery celebrating the Boundless Broo...[more]

One Ugly Crustacean - A Predator-Inspired Custom Vinyl Toy

A custom Space Crab made for the Martian Toys Space Crab Wars exhibition at DesignerCon 2015 in Pasa...[more]

Munny Shines - A Custom Vinyl Toy

A custom Munny for the Reinvention Show on display and for sale at the Clutter Gallery, New York fro...[more]

Munny Shines - Reinventing a Vinyl Figure as a Classic Toy

I was delighted to be invited to take part in the Reinvention Show at New York's Clutter Gallery. Th...[more]

Glad-tea-ator and Tea-ger - Lunartik Customs

I was happy to be invited to contribute to the Fans of Tea 2015 Series. I decided to make a pair of ...[more]

Molien - The Fate of the Nostromole

A custom figure inspired by the Space Jockey in Alien, built on Kerry Dyer's resin Mole XL toy.Detai...[more]

Molien - Building a Custom Space Jockey Figure

Artist and prop maker Kerry Dyer invited me to take part in a custom show based around her Mole XL r...[more]

Breakout - a Custom Mini Munny

A custom vinyl Mini Munny made as a donation for the Toy Collector's Christmas party.I needed to mak...[more]

Invader - a Custom T-Con Vinyl Toy

A custom vinyl T-Con figure for the T-Con show. I was a little concerned I'd gone too far with the c...[more]

Customising a T-Con Vinyl Toy

The T-Con is a nicely designed figure. It has so much personality already that it doesn't immediatel...[more]

Customising a Vinyl Cavey

I was invited to do a custom for a show celebrating the third birthday of A Little Stranger's Cavey ...[more]

Realistic Custom Mega Munny for ToyCon UK

When I was kindly invited to exhibit at the first ever ToyCon UK, I felt it deserved something speci...[more]

Customising a Mega Munny for ToyCon UK

Customising a Kidrobot Mega Munny for exhibition at ToyCon UK....[more]

K-Rex - a Jurassic Park-Themed Custom Vinyl Toy

A custom vinyl toy based on a Kidrobot Kracka figure. This was built for the Dragons show at the SHO...[more]

K-Rex - Customising a Kidrobot Vinyl Toy

A custom vinyl toy based on a Kidrobot Kracka figure. This was built for the Dragons show at the SHO...[more]

The B-Fin Black Beam Source - a Customised Weta Dr Grordbort Ray Gun

My entry for a contest run by New Zealand Special Effects and Collectibles company Weta. Weta produc...[more]

Customising a Weta Dr Grordbort Ray Gun

An entry for a contest run by FX company Weta. The task was to customise one of their 'Dr Grordbort ...[more]

Munny Thing

A custom vinyl Munny. Continuing the theme of favourite 80's movies started with my Blade Runner...[more]

Munny Spinner

A custom vinyl Munny based on the 'Spinner' flying car from Blade Runner. I sculpted wheel pods onto...[more]

Building the Munny Spinner

A custom vinyl Munny based on the 'Spinner' flying car from Blade Runner....[more]