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Hey No Tongues - Custom Fribber

I've watched PJ Constable's unique and unselfconscious style evolve over a number of years. He consistently produces original characters with remarkable craftsmanship. I was very happy that he asked me to take part in the inaugural custom show for his new resin Fribber figure. Fribber is a deceptively simple frog in PJ's instantly recognisable style, produced in a finely finished natural white resin.

I decided to leave most of the frog's body largely unchanged while giving him a new open mouth and long predatory tongue. I repositioned the eyes to work better with the extended tongue. I also sculpted a new fly character struggling in Fribber's grip. The fly was posed with as much action and movement as I could manage. The wings were made from soldered copper wire supporting multiple layers of dipped lacquer.