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Cult Concepts


FrodoCop - The Future of Shire Enforcement

The mash-up no one asked for. FrodoCop is hand sculpted and cast in resin. He is 10cm tall and artic...[more]

Heavy Meal Neil - Young Ones-Inspired Art Figure

The pilot episode of The Young Ones felt a little different from the rest of the series we came to l...[more]

Summerisle Play Set

The Wicker Man may have helped trigger the sub-genre of films in which a straight-laced representati...[more]

Vladislav Always Gets The Faces Wrong

What We Do In The Shadows is a masterclass in setting up jokes for a later pay-off. What seems to be...[more]

People's Poet Rick - Young Ones-Inspired Art Figure

It says a lot about the talents of the late great Rik Mayall that so many people are so fond of his ...[more]

Very Metal Vyv - Young Ones-Inspired Art Figure

It's hard explain to anyone who wasn't there the impact The Young Ones had when they first hit our s...[more]

Tim Gets The Message - Hot Fuzz-Inspired Art Figure

The death scenes in Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz are all quite shocking next to the film's rather gentle ...[more]

Come On Feel The 'Noids - Humanoids From The Deep Statue

It may not be accurate to describe Humanoids From The Deep (AKA Monster, 1980) as a good movie, but ...[more]

Reboot Monster - 50's Monster Movie Resin Figure

Robot Monster is an often overlooked Sci-Fi movie from 1953 that is considered by some to be one of ...[more]

Dairy Princess - A Star Wars Last Jedi Mashup Figure

One of the most startling images in The Last Jedi was when Luke milked the Thala Siren, a huge gentl...[more]

Birdman Brian - Resin Art

A resin art piece inspired by the legend that is Brian Blessed. Brian can be displayed free-standing...[more]

Z The Head - A Resin Display Piece

A resin display piece inspired by cult 70's cinema. The giant stone head hovers over the pile of gun...[more]

One in the Eye for the Empire - A Resin Display Piece

A forced-perspective resin display piece combining themes from two of the most influential films in ...[more]