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Summerisle Play Set

The Wicker Man may have helped trigger the sub-genre of films in which a straight-laced representative of 'civilisation' clashes with an isolated community and its unique traditions. The theme became more common in horror and exploitation movies such as the cannibal and hillbilly genres popular in the later 70's and 80's. The Wicker Man was unsual in that as with the much more recent Midsommar, the remote society seems sympathetic and inviting to the audience, leading us to wonder if maybe we could be tempted to accept their idiosyncrasies for a taste of their happiness.

After the runaway success of Star Wars merchandise at the end of the 70's, Studios were anxious to avoid missing out on lucrative toy deals, leading to the sale of products aimed at children based on films they certainly shouldn't have seen. Alien was a particularly vivid example. There was never a similar tie-in for The Wicker Man but this resin art piece explores what might have been.

The Wicked Man is articulated at the neck and shoulders and his chest opens to accommodate any of the three included miniature figures. This presents the possibility of a giant Wickerpunk mech piloted by Lord Summerisle. The set comes in a collector-friendly upcycled clamshell package and comprises the 12cm tall Wicked man and 25mm figures of Sergeant Howie, Lord Summerisle and a masked islander.

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