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The B-Fin Black Beam Source - a Customised Weta Dr Grordbort Ray Gun

My entry for a contest run by New Zealand Special Effects and Collectibles company Weta. Weta produced a limited run of raw, unfinished versions of their 'Righteous Bison' gun. The brief was to turn it into a new weapon that would still fit into the Grordbort Universe.

I took my inspiration from the look of classic Flash Gordon ray guns and from Chinese cannons that had sculpted dragon figure heads. I also thought it would be fun to work an actual bison into the design, hense the prominent 'hump' and the cylinder forming a kind of rib cage. When spoken aloud, the name 'B-Fin Black Beam Source' reflects both the bovine nature of the gun and the Chinese influence.

I'm proud to be able to report that my gun received honourable mention, coming in just outside the prizes thanks to some stiff competition from over fifty amazing entries from around the world. Full details of the build here