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I Love It When a T-Con Comes Together

The scene in the A-Team's feature-length pilot episode where George Peppard as Hannibal Smith wears a Godzilla-style monster suit is immortalised in the opening credits. It's the ultimate absurd disguise and beautifully sums up both the character and the show.

The vinyl T-Con lends itself perfectly to customisation into a costume. It's solidly built and holds its shape well even when cut (where some vinyl toys sag and deform). I repositioned the legs and made him a new set of arms. I added some folds and creases to suggest that it was a suit. Although Smith doesn't use it in the scene, the assault rifle seemed right for the character, so I fabricated one out of sheet material and steel rod. Hannibal's face is sculpted in Milliput.

I'm very grateful to my client for trusting me and running with my suggestion of this slightly esoteric theme for this custom commission.