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Krazy Little Freaks - KLF Inspired Mini-Statues

After seeing Punk itself become mainstream, The KLF set out to destroy the music industry from the i...[more]

CupTean America

A custom large Lunartik In a Cup of Tea figure made for Flatties' 10th anniversary Tea Show at ToyCo...[more]

Very Metal Vyv - Young Ones-Inspired Art Figure

It's hard explain to anyone who wasn't there the impact The Young Ones had when they first hit our s...[more]

I Love It When a T-Con Comes Together

The scene in the A-Team's feature-length pilot episode where George Peppard as Hannibal Smith wears ...[more]

Please Wait While I Jump Out of my Skin - Custom Figure

Sam Costidell (Angry Hedgehog Toys) produces beautifully finished pieces and his blank Boo figure is...[more]

Dairy Princess - A Star Wars Last Jedi Mashup Figure

One of the most startling images in The Last Jedi was when Luke milked the Thala Siren, a huge gentl...[more]

ToyCon UK 2015 Exclusive Ray

A new colourway of my Ray figure produced for ToyCon UK 2015 and sold at The Toy Chronicle stand. Ra...[more]

Ray - a Resin Toy Launched at ToyCon UK 2014

Ray is a 5 inch (13cm) resin figure. He is articulated at the neck and shoulders. The helmet is remo...[more]

Invader - a Custom T-Con Vinyl Toy

A custom vinyl T-Con figure for the T-Con show. I was a little concerned I'd gone too far with the c...[more]

Customising a T-Con Vinyl Toy

The T-Con is a nicely designed figure. It has so much personality already that it doesn't immediatel...[more]

Realistic Custom Mega Munny for ToyCon UK

When I was kindly invited to exhibit at the first ever ToyCon UK, I felt it deserved something speci...[more]

Customising a Mega Munny for ToyCon UK

Customising a Kidrobot Mega Munny for exhibition at ToyCon UK....[more]