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Krazy Little Freaks - KLF Inspired Mini-Statues

After seeing Punk itself become mainstream, The KLF set out to destroy the music industry from the inside. The KLF have continued to resurface with subversive projects over the years, always then seemingly disappointed when their own success has actually demolished their anti-establishment message.

The image of the insane cult-like robed and horned figures in plain sight on that epitome of commercialised music, Top Of The Pops has stuck with me since the early 90's and I am now inspired to make these mini statues in the style of Netsuke carvings (which are of course traditionally 'big in Japan').

These figures were traditionally hand-sculpted and are individually cast in resin and hand-finished. They come in a range of colours and are small enough to travel with you and undermine the Machine wherever you go. First available at ToyCon UK 2024.