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One Ugly Crustacean - A Predator-Inspired Custom Vinyl Toy

A custom Space Crab made for the Martian Toys Space Crab Wars exhibition at DesignerCon 2015 in Pasadena USA.

The Space crab is a new and appealing platform that looks great out of the box. Despite this, I pulled it apart and used the individual elements as a kit of parts. I was immediately struck by how the legs reminded me of Predator mandibles and decided to see how far I could take that theme. I turned the helmet into a rounded body, wiring the claw arms in place to make the legs. I built up a basic wire armature for the feet and arms. The oversized calves and ankles sugested by the claws defined the proportions for the rest of the sculpt, resulting in a nicely cartoonish character. The head needed more detail adding than I'd initially thought. I tried to make the 'dreadlocks' echo the spiky shape of the crab legs. I turned the crab's eye stalks into the alien's wrist blade weapon. The figure was painted in naturalistic tones, picking out the armoured areas in a lightly weathered metallic finish.

The finished piece stands well on his huge feet and I couldn't resist photographing him freestanding in some local woodland.