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Steampunk Judge Dredd Lawgiver Gun Prop

Made as a gift for a friend. The original comic version of Dredd's sidearm will always be my favourite. With this build I wanted to take the simple, iconic lines of the gun and add a subtle steampunk twist to it. A few sketches quickly showed me that adding too much to it loses the essence of the design. Instead, I gave it slightly more decorative curves and a more streamlined feel.

The grips, receiver and magazines were made from MDF. I cut and filed the trigger and guard from aluminium plate. Because I find gun replicas disappointing without a working trigger, I made a simple mechanism with a compression spring to allow it to be pulled. A slot-cutting router was used to make a mounting channel in the MDF for the guard and trigger assemblies. The flash hider and rear sight unit were turned from aluminium stock and made to friction fit onto the aluminium tube used for the barrel. I allowed some tool marks on the sight unit facing to make for an interesting surface texture. The sight itself was turned from acrylic rod to form a lens cylinder that seated into the aluminium sight block. I etched some crosshair lines onto the inside end of the cylinder. The velocity dial housing was made from some parts cut from an LED downlighter fitting. Additional details were added using small white metal jewellery mouldings. The MDF portions of the gun were sprayed with aluminium paint and the whole weapon heavily weathered with acrylic paints.