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Pound Shop Arc Reactor

Built for an online competition run by the Replica Prop Forum. The challenge was to create a custom Arc Reactor (like the ones seen in Iron Man's chest in the movies) using only parts from the Dollar Store (or in my case Pound Shop). This was a particularly exciting competition for me as the site is frequented by some of the best model makers and builders of movie props.

The main inspiration for my take on the Arc Reactor was the scene in Iron Man 2 where Stark replaces the burnt-out palladium fuel in his reactor. The unit opens up to eject the spent fuel and a new palladium ingot is inserted. The reactor then retracts the fuel and heat-sinks around the cylindrical body clamp shut. At the time of the competition, Iron Man 2 had not yet been released on DVD, so I had only my vague memories of the sequence with which to work and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to replicate it exactly.

The following images show what I came up with.

I am delighted to say that my reactor was voted best overall in the competition, despite some spectacular opposition.

Full details of the reactor's construction here.