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Nemesis The Warlock Bust

One-off bust of 2000 AD's Nemesis The Warlock. Approx 1:5 scale. Made as a gift for a friend.

Warlock, alien freedom fighter, steampunk demon, Nemesis is a striking, enigmatic character whose exact form often seems seems to shift with each frame of any given story, let alone with the unique approach of each artist who has illustrated him. I wanted my version of him to respect his various incarnations without leaning too heavily on any particular one.

Nemesis was sculpted in Milliput on a wire armature and mounted on a hardwood plinth. I gave him a layered metallic paint application that I hoped would reflect the monochrome, inked look we're used to seeing while also injecting some colour. I reasoned that his spiky exposed spinal column might feed the furnace in his throat, and so gave it heat-stained metal finish.