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Making A Public Enemy Diorama

I began by making a wire armature for each figure. This helped me refine the poses and provided the core structure for each figure. Next I bulked out the armatures with aluminium foil. This helps the clay layer to sit securely on the armature before curing and also reduces the amount of clay needed for large-volume parts.

I loosely formed the heads in place to make sure I was happy with their proprtions, then removed them and sculpted them separately. When sculpting faces, it's useful to be able to get at them from all angles easily. The finished heads were then re-integrated into their bodies.

The completed statues were painted in acrylics. Paint application can make or destroy a likeness but I wanted the sculpt to define the look in this case and so tried to avoid using excess shading and highlighting.

The base was made using mixed media, mainly carved MDF to provide a good solid structure. The window was made in clear acrylic with each crack hand-cut. The acrylic was sandwiched between two frames to make the distinctive crosshairs logo shape.

More pictures of the finished piece are here.