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Galactus - Unicron Mashup

A 12cm mini statue combining Marvel's Galactus with Transformers' Unicron - two giant, planet-eating villains. Made as a gift for a friend who likes both universes.

I had a few concerns approaching the design, not least being how to avoid Galactus' elongated head looking too silly. There was also the challenge of giving an isolated head a sense of scale. I knew I would have to bulk-up Galactus' horns to allow space for them to contain Unicron's but I also played with their outline, trying to give them a subtle forced-perspective shape that suggests looking up at a large structure.

To help me keep the clay sculpt symmetrical, I made a basic form from sheet styrene. I sculpted directly over this in epoxy clay. I had planned to make the exposed girder structures in etched brass but ended up running out of time and making them from styrene too. The tight deadline also resulted in me skipping a few other planned details but I actually prefer the more streamlined end result.

The completed statue was painted in acrylics. I decided to tone down Galactus' usual purple colour, aiming instead for something like the burgundy shade seen on the rusting hulks of ships, which I hoped would help to sell the scale of the piece. I tried to stick to Unicron's G1 colour scheme, since the whole design was intended to reference the image of his isolated, spacebound head.