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Blade Runner Portable Voight Kampff Machine

As we had been generously given tickets to the amazing Secret Cinema screening of Blade Runner (Final Cut), I wanted to make a relevant prop to take along. The VK machine is a wonderful creation that is almost a character in its own right. It breathes, buzzes and beeps through its scenes as it struggles to decide if each subject is a Replicant. My idea was to make the next generation of the machine; a more compact and portable device. I designed it with what I hope is the look and feel of the movie's production design, referring back to Syd Meade's concept work as well as to the most prominent features of the final film prop. I incorporated various lights and servo motors to make it seem like a real piece of equipment. It also contains an LCD screen driven by a microcontroller, on which I coded some animating displays based on the interface designs seen in the film.