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American Werewolf in London Nightmare Demon

Described variously as 'Nightmare Demons', 'Zombie Werewolves' and 'Nazi Demons', these characters appear only briefly in John Landis' An American Werewolf in London but make a big impact. Despite having only three weeks' notice, as soon as I heard that there would be a costumed celebration of the movie at London's Curzon Cinema, I knew I had to make one of these creatures.

The result is a custom-made pull-on latex mask with resin teeth and a fibreglass helmet. The eyes are painted on the inside of clear acrylic hemispheres.

The costume was completed with a Swedish army tunic that was customised by my partner, Katherine who added black epaulettes and collar. The finished outfit was able to replicate a key shot in the film fairly closely. I was also happy to be asked to pose with John Landis himself for publicity shots (Landis photo courtesy of Mark Mawston).

In depth construction details for the mask here.