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Props and Replicas


Blade Runner Portable Voight Kampff Machine

As we had been generously given tickets to the amazing Secret Cinema screening of Blade Runner (Fina...[more]

Severed Hand Prop

Made in dental casting stone and detailed with epoxy clay. Finished with a multi-stage, layered pain...[more]

Steampunk Judge Dredd Lawgiver Gun Prop

Made as a gift for a friend. The original comic version of Dredd's sidearm will always be my favouri...[more]

Dune Sea Drifter - Star Wars Bounty Hunter-Style Costume

A costume for Star Wars Celebration London 2016. I wanted to make a new character that felt like it ...[more]

Dewey - Building a Full-Size Silent Running Drone

A 1:1 scale replica of the lead Valley Forge maintenance drone from Silent Running, a science fictio...[more]

Hellboy Samaritan Special Purpose Ammunition

Custom bullets for Hellboy's oversized Samaritan revolver. Made as a gift for friend. The Special Pu...[more]

Reindeer Skull Helmet

Festive reindeer skull costume helmet partly influenced by the Krampus legand. Made entirely from EV...[more]

Blake's 7 Liberator Teleport Bracelet Replicas

Made using the same materials as the original props from the 70's/80's BBC show. It was a lot of fun...[more]

Replica Blake's 7 Liberator handgun

Sleek, lethal and distinctly alien in appearance, the handguns in the Liberator's armoury in the 70'...[more]

Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks Zombie Replicas

In the Doctor Who episode 'Asylum of the Daleks', a Nanocloud resurrects the long-dead crew of the c...[more]

Making Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks zombie masks

Replica masks of the zombie crew of 'The Alaska' seen in the Doctor Who episode 'Asylum of the Dalek...[more]

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Statue Replica

A replica of the statue in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom that turns out to conceal a secret p...[more]

The B-Fin Black Beam Source - a Customised Weta Dr Grordbort Ray Gun

My entry for a contest run by New Zealand Special Effects and Collectibles company Weta. Weta produc...[more]

Customising a Weta Dr Grordbort Ray Gun

An entry for a contest run by FX company Weta. The task was to customise one of their 'Dr Grordbort ...[more]

Low Budget Flux Capacitor

A replica of the Flux Capacitor that makes time travel possible in Back to the Future. We built this...[more]

Pound Shop Arc Reactor

Built for an online competition run by the Replica Prop Forum. The challenge was to create a custom ...[more]

Building the Pound Shop Arc Reactor

Built for an online competition run by the Replica Prop Forum. The challenge was to create a custom ...[more]

Aliens M40 Grenade

The multi-purpose M40 grenades are standard issue for the Colonial Marines in James Cameron's Aliens...[more]

American Werewolf in London Nightmare Demon

Described variously as 'Nightmare Demons', 'Zombie Werewolves' and 'Nazi Demons', these characters a...[more]

Making An American Werewolf Nightmare Demon Mask

Originally described to effects artist Rick Baker as 'Nazi Demons', Baker realised the nightmare cre...[more]