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Godzilla statuette

Made as a gift for a friend. This small statue is an idealised version of the famous movie monster, taking the proprtions of the classuc 50's design and applying a more contemporary, dynamic pose. Sculpted in epoxy clay on a steel wire armature.

Heavy Meal Neil - Young Ones-Inspired Art Figure

The pilot episode of The Young Ones felt a little different from the rest of the series we came to love. But Neil being relegated to unappreciated cooking would be an enduring theme. Poor down-trodden Neil probably inspired the most sympathy of all the characters despite or maybe because of his miserable outlook.

This resin art figure stands approximately 13cm tall and is articulated at the neck and shoulders. He is equipped with his pan of lentils and a modesty flower pot. Neil comes in a collector-friendly upcycled clamshell package.

Neil will be available in my online shop at 11:00am GMT on Saturday November 13th 2021.

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Summerisle Play Set

The Wicker Man may have helped trigger the sub-genre of films in which a straight-laced representative of 'civilisation' clashes with an isolated community and its unique traditions. The theme became more common in horror and exploitation movies such as the cannibal and hillbilly genres popular in the later 70's and 80's. The Wicker Man was unsual in that as with the much more recent Midsommar, the remote society seems sympathetic and inviting to the audience, leading us to wonder if maybe we could be tempted to accept their idiosyncrasies for a taste of their happiness.

After the runaway success of Star Wars merchandise at the end of the 70's, Studios were anxious to avoid missing out on lucrative toy deals, leading to the sale of products aimed at children based on films they certainly shouldn't have seen. Alien was a particularly vivid example. There was never a similar tie-in for The Wicker Man but this resin art piece explores what might have been.

The Wicked Man is articulated at the neck and shoulders and his chest opens to accommodate any of the three included miniature figures. This presents the possibility of a giant Wickerpunk mech piloted by Lord Summerisle. The set comes in a collector-friendly upcycled clamshell package and comprises the 12cm tall Wicked man and 25mm figures of Sergeant Howie, Lord Summerisle and a masked islander.

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Vladislav Always Gets The Faces Wrong

What We Do In The Shadows is a masterclass in setting up jokes for a later pay-off. What seems to be a throwaway line about Vladislav's fading powers gives us a glorious blink-and-you-miss-it moment much later in the movie. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to commemorate it with a sculpt. This resin art piece measures 10cm long, has a movable head and sits on a separate sculpted cushion.

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Fruit Loup and Unappeeling - Unappetising Orange Sculpts

A pair of original sculpts for Clutter Gallery's 'Planet Rainbow Sparkles V!' exhibition, in which guest artists were assigned a colour. My colour was orange.

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CupTean America

A custom large Lunartik In a Cup of Tea figure made for Flatties' 10th anniversary Tea Show at ToyCon UK 2020.

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Hellboy Skull

Made as a gift for a friend. The skull is made from painted epoxy clay. It stands on a brass cylinder mounted on a turned hardwood base. The plate is acid-etched brass.


New life from old. A pair of unique sculptures made for Clutter Gallery's 'Gift Wrapped' affordable art show. Available individually. Each stands approximately 12cm tall.

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The Quest

This is an image that has been with me for a long time. I'm not sure exactly how it originally came to be but have always known it would need to be made on quite a large scale. My 'One Thing After Another' solo show finally gave me the opportunity to make that happen.

Sculpted in epoxy clay on a metal armature and mounted on a wooden base. Stands 44cm tall and 58cm long.

One Thing After Another

This pair of figures is the title piece for my 'One Thing After Another' solo show at Clutter Gallery NY. Epoxy clay on wooden bases. Each stands 12cm tall.


Life in the Slow Lane

Sloths have seemingly very tranquil, dreamy faces. Does this mask a secret inner turmoil or would th...[more]


"...Seven, eight get your marmalade". Made specially for my 'One Thing After Another' solo...[more]

Phone of the Dead No 1

One of a short series of sculptures inspired by our society's obsession with our phones. Made for my...[more]

Phone of the Dead No 2

One of a short series of sculptures inspired by our society's obsession with our phones. Made for my...[more]

Phone of the Dead No 3

One of a short series of sculptures inspired by our society's obsession with our phones. This one re...[more]

Phone of the Dead No 4

One of a short series of sculptures inspired by our society's obsession with our phones. This skelet...[more]

Random Encounters No 1

One of a short series of sculptures inspired by the idea of classic Dungeons and Dragons monsters su...[more]

Random Encounters No 2

One of a short series of sculptures inspired by the idea of classic Dungeons and Dragons monsters su...[more]

Random Encounters No 3

One of a short series of sculptures inspired by the idea of classic Dungeons and Dragons monsters su...[more]

Random Encounters No 4

One of a short series of sculptures inspired by the idea of classic Dungeons and Dragons monsters su...[more]

Warrant Officer Jones

A one-of-a-kind figure inspired by Jones the cat in Alien. With the rest of the Nostromo's crew wipe...[more]

Optimus Prime Rib

A one-off sculpture made for Mothership Gallery's Food Fight show. I thought it would be interesting...[more]

People's Poet Rick - Young Ones-Inspired Art Figure

It says a lot about the talents of the late great Rik Mayall that so many people are so fond of his ...[more]

A Spark of Being - A Glowing Frankenstein Tribute

A display piece for Clutter Gallery's Glow Show 2 when the gallery will be lit with ultraviolet ligh...[more]

Army Ant - Custom O-Miku Figure

I was supplied with a blank vinyl O-Miku figure, manufactured by Crypton and Clutter. The shape of t...[more]

The Lure

An original sculpt made in epoxy clay on a steel wire armature. Painted to give the illusion of an i...[more]

Phantasm - Custom Vinyl Figure

A haunted mirror-themed custom built using MJ Hsu's Ellie vinyl figure. I was invited to take part i...[more]

Canslinger Custom Canbot

One of a kind original mixed-media custom based on Czee13's Canbot platform. Commissioned for a show...[more]

Perchance to Dream - Custom Bubbles Figure

The vinyl Bubbles figure made by The Bots and UVD Toys is a nicely finished, cleanly cast render of ...[more]

The Tardigradest Showman Art Figure

This resin art figure gives you Hugh Jackman in the form of a tardigrade. It's everything you ever n...[more]

Very Metal Vyv - Young Ones-Inspired Art Figure

It's hard explain to anyone who wasn't there the impact The Young Ones had when they first hit our s...[more]

Tim Gets The Message - Hot Fuzz-Inspired Art Figure

The death scenes in Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz are all quite shocking next to the film's rather gentle ...[more]

Steampunk One Sixth Scale Personal Submarine

Made as a gift for a friend. The mini-sub is made from mixed media including high-density foam and f...[more]


Cats may look elegant and refined on the outside but try and tickle their tummy and they'll have you...[more]

I Love It When a T-Con Comes Together

The scene in the A-Team's feature-length pilot episode where George Peppard as Hannibal Smith wears ...[more]

When The Wild Things Go Wrong - Hand Made Statues

Despite loving Maurice Sendak's book, Where The Wild Things Are as a child, I never did completely t...[more]

Come On Feel The 'Noids - Humanoids From The Deep Statue

It may not be accurate to describe Humanoids From The Deep (AKA Monster, 1980) as a good movie, but ...[more]

Public Enemy Stylised Statues and Diorama

A commission piece inspired by the band Public Enemy. The figures were made in epoxy clay on wire ar...[more]

Blade Runner Portable Voight Kampff Machine

As we had been generously given tickets to the amazing Secret Cinema screening of Blade Runner (Fina...[more]

Reboot Monster - 50's Monster Movie Resin Figure

Robot Monster is an often overlooked Sci-Fi movie from 1953 that is considered by some to be one of ...[more]

Please Wait While I Jump Out of my Skin - Custom Figure

Sam Costidell (Angry Hedgehog Toys) produces beautifully finished pieces and his blank Boo figure is...[more]

Dairy Princess - A Star Wars Last Jedi Mashup Figure

One of the most startling images in The Last Jedi was when Luke milked the Thala Siren, a huge gentl...[more]

Steampunk Judge Dredd Lawgiver Gun Prop

Made as a gift for a friend. The original comic version of Dredd's sidearm will always be my favouri...[more]

Birdman Brian - Resin Art

A resin art piece inspired by the legend that is Brian Blessed. Brian can be displayed free-standing...[more]

Shell Shock - Snail Skull Sculptures

Each of these two unique 17cm long pieces is hand sculpted in epoxy clay and painted using a variety...[more]

Z The Head - A Resin Display Piece

A resin display piece inspired by cult 70's cinema. The giant stone head hovers over the pile of gun...[more]

One in the Eye for the Empire - A Resin Display Piece

A forced-perspective resin display piece combining themes from two of the most influential films in ...[more]

Fresh from Victor's Lab - Toebots

The first Toebot started life as an experiment.Victor Blattodea had wanted to test his theory on a c...[more]

Neptune's Ghost - Huck Gee Skullhead Custom

A custom Skullhead Blank for Clutter Gallery's Blank Show. The inspiration for Neptune's Ghost came ...[more]

Lord Buckethead Figure

A collaboration with RYCA, this is a celebration of the surprise hero of the UK 2017 election. His L...[more]

One Million Years BC Pteranodon

Replicating another memorable Harryhausen scene for a private commission. The Pteranodon's wings are...[more]

Nukethulhu - a Custom HP Lovecraft-inspired Statue

Evan Morgan's Nuketopus resin kit is a fun piece - a slightly steampunk octopus. The tentacles immed...[more]

One Million Years BC Allosaurus Statue

Although both palaeontology and special FX have moved on, Ray Harryhausen's Allosaurus in One Millio...[more]

Iron Trooper - An Ironman Storm Trooper Mash-up

A 1:5 helmet model sculpted in Milliput as a gift for a friend. The miniature helmet combines elemen...[more]

FeeJee Bogmaid - Reimagining PT Barnum's Mermaid With a Resin Boglin

Boglins were a late 80's toy that was clearly inspired by Gremlins and its immitator, Ghoulies. Thei...[more]

Twice the Magic - Conjoined Twin Unicorn Dunny

KidRobot's Dunny is a truly iconic and instantly recognisable vinyl toy. It was an honour to be invi...[more]

Dune Sea Drifter - Star Wars Bounty Hunter-Style Costume

A costume for Star Wars Celebration London 2016. I wanted to make a new character that felt like it ...[more]

Victor Blattodea's Manual Over-ride - A resin display piece

A fully assembled, hand-painted and weathered display piece. Hand-cast in thirteen individual resin ...[more]

Don't Call Me Donkey

A large custom piece created for a show at New York's Clutter Gallery celebrating the Boundless Broo...[more]

One Ugly Crustacean - A Predator-Inspired Custom Vinyl Toy

A custom Space Crab made for the Martian Toys Space Crab Wars exhibition at DesignerCon 2015 in Pasa...[more]

Munny Shines - A Custom Vinyl Toy

A custom Munny for the Reinvention Show on display and for sale at the Clutter Gallery, New York fro...[more]

Glad-tea-ator and Tea-ger - Lunartik Customs

I was happy to be invited to contribute to the Fans of Tea 2015 Series. I decided to make a pair of ...[more]

One Sixth Scale Judge Death Bust

A 1:6 scale bust of the 2000AD character, made as a gift for a friend....[more]

Molien - The Fate of the Nostromole

A custom figure inspired by the Space Jockey in Alien, built on Kerry Dyer's resin Mole XL toy.Detai...[more]

Dewey - Building a Full-Size Silent Running Drone

A 1:1 scale replica of the lead Valley Forge maintenance drone from Silent Running, a science fictio...[more]

Ray - a Resin Toy Launched at ToyCon UK 2014

Ray is a 5 inch (13cm) resin figure. He is articulated at the neck and shoulders. The helmet is remo...[more]

Hellboy Samaritan Special Purpose Ammunition

Custom bullets for Hellboy's oversized Samaritan revolver. Made as a gift for friend. The Special Pu...[more]

Blake's 7 Liberator Teleport Bracelet Replicas

Made using the same materials as the original props from the 70's/80's BBC show. It was a lot of fun...[more]

Invader - a Custom T-Con Vinyl Toy

A custom vinyl T-Con figure for the T-Con show. I was a little concerned I'd gone too far with the c...[more]

Replica Blake's 7 Liberator handgun

Sleek, lethal and distinctly alien in appearance, the handguns in the Liberator's armoury in the 70'...[more]

Customising a Vinyl Cavey

I was invited to do a custom for a show celebrating the third birthday of A Little Stranger's Cavey ...[more]

Realistic Custom Mega Munny for ToyCon UK

When I was kindly invited to exhibit at the first ever ToyCon UK, I felt it deserved something speci...[more]

Severed 'Bot Head

A heavily weathered severed war robot head made as a gift for a fellow collector of Ashley Wood's Th...[more]

Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks Zombie Replicas

In the Doctor Who episode 'Asylum of the Daleks', a Nanocloud resurrects the long-dead crew of the c...[more]

K-Rex - a Jurassic Park-Themed Custom Vinyl Toy

A custom vinyl toy based on a Kidrobot Kracka figure. This was built for the Dragons show at the SHO...[more]

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Statue Replica

A replica of the statue in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom that turns out to conceal a secret p...[more]

The B-Fin Black Beam Source - a Customised Weta Dr Grordbort Ray Gun

My entry for a contest run by New Zealand Special Effects and Collectibles company Weta. Weta produc...[more]

Low Budget Flux Capacitor

A replica of the Flux Capacitor that makes time travel possible in Back to the Future. We built this...[more]

Pound Shop Arc Reactor

Built for an online competition run by the Replica Prop Forum. The challenge was to create a custom ...[more]

Aliens M40 Grenade

The multi-purpose M40 grenades are standard issue for the Colonial Marines in James Cameron's Aliens...[more]

American Werewolf in London Nightmare Demon

Described variously as 'Nightmare Demons', 'Zombie Werewolves' and 'Nazi Demons', these characters a...[more]

Dot Robot Punk

A commission for Jason Bradbury. 'Punk' is one of the robots from Jason's new book 'Dot Robot'. The ...[more]

Munny Thing

A custom vinyl Munny. Continuing the theme of favourite 80's movies started with my Blade Runner...[more]

Munny Spinner

A custom vinyl Munny based on the 'Spinner' flying car from Blade Runner. I sculpted wheel pods onto...[more]